Superbowl Sunday

Suppose I should weigh in regarding this Sunday’s match. Seeing how my beloved LT is not at the Superbowl, by default, I am throwing my vote the way of The Giants. This is largely due to the fact that I just don’t want The Patriots to win. Yes, I admit that they are probably the best team ever with Brady, Moss and Maroney filling out the key starting positions. Still, I just don’t like Mr. Perfect – Tom Brady – with his good looks, dimpled chin, flawless QB record, and supermodel baby mama drama. I’m just not having any. On the other side, there is Eli. Yes, he is whimpy looking and for much of the season seemed to lack strong leadership abilities on the field. But look where he got his team. The Superbowl. There was Troy Aikman commenting on most of their games throughout the season, and he hated him. Even when Eli would pull out a W at the end of the game, Aikman never had anything good to say about his QB abilities. I remember this being very apparent during the game between The Giants and The Steelers. Aikman was so complimentary of Rothlesberger, and so harsh of Manning, and yet who won? The Giants.

So my vote goes for Eli Manning and The Giants, but I’m not betting on them to win.


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