Saturday was going off – it really was

I don’t have pictures from Saturday at the Venice pier, but it was good. Really good. Solid 4 – 6 foot with bigger sets, crossed up peaky swell, offshore winds, sunny. The only problem was that it had rained significantly, so the bacteria and trash factor was major. Because of the usual post rain crap (literally), there weren’t very many people in the water. But for those who dared to paddle out, it was good. No thanks. Not for me – even if I was strong enough paddle out – not going to risk the nasty, nasty bacterial infection potential.


3 Responses to Saturday was going off – it really was

  1. Christian says:

    I filmed at Topanga on Saturday and could smell the ocean from the beach. Yuck!

  2. gracefullee says:

    I saw some pictures of the old crew charging the beautiful waves. I imagined the rationalizing that happened on the beach: “It’s been raining for a week, so all the bad crap has been washed away long ago.”

  3. I’ve done that myself once or twice – rationalized that it’s rained long and hard enough to not be too dirty. This time around, though, I’ve put so much into surgery and rehab that I just can’t risk it.

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