PT Rocks, Part III

So, six weeks since surgery and I am doing sooooo well. At least that is what my physical therapist tells me. I’ve always been a high achiever. Seriously, she has me doing full body holds, and reps with heavier weights, all of which I am doing pain free. She did find a part of my rotator cuff that still has quite a bit of scar tissue to break up (that’s when I yell ouch!!!), but she said it was totally normal, and as she keeps moving it, it does feel better. So the good news is that if the waves aren’t too big this weekend (cuz I can’t really duck dive), then I’m am going to go for a paddle. I won’t call it a surf, because I am not technically going to paddle for waves and try to pop up and catch anything. I am mostly going to paddle for 20 – 30 minutes to break up scar tissue. This Saturday will be the 7 week mark. Pretty damn good if you ask me.


2 Responses to PT Rocks, Part III

  1. gracefullee says:

    Woo! You go! Glad you’re seeing such marked progress. See you in the water soon!

  2. British Paul says:

    Nice going! Glad you are getting better. So will you be ready for a surf with me the next time I am out there? You have until March.. So get paddling!

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