PT Rocks, Part 2

Got an email from Annika from London over the weekend concerned that I was ok because I hadn’t made a blog post in over a week. Yes, with all of the eating (and drinking) that took place last week, I have been remiss with my blog posts. Surf was pretty fun looking in Venice over the weekend – sunny and warm weather, peaky 2 – 4 foot waves with decent shape (smaller by New Year’s Eve) – not bad at all. It was definitely conditions I wish I could have paddled out for…

But the good news is I had a major breakthrough today at PT. I progressed from range of motion exercises to weight- bearing (not baring I’ve been corrected) exercises. I moved from the tiny private pt room where I was “climbing the wall” and “washing the window” (range of motion stuff) to the big room where I did weight lifting repetitions with 1 lb weights. I felt like I was lifting 10 lbs barbells, but hey, 1 lb is something. I have been told that I might be able to paddle (not surf, but paddle) within about two – three more weeks!!!! I don’t want to rush anything, but I actually did all of my lifts and reps more or less pain-free, so I am stoked. I am weak as hell and will need several more weeks to get my strength back, but things look good. For those of you keeping track, it’s been just over four week since my surgery.

Once again, I say woo hoo. And Happy New Year.


One Response to PT Rocks, Part 2

  1. snowboardwomen says:

    There ya go… keep up the PT đŸ™‚

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