Merry Christmas

An amazing morning on the eve of Christmas. I woke up and looked out at a phenomenal morning at the beach, and was a little bummed that I couldn’t go for my traditional Christmas morning surf tomorrow. However, when I walked down to the beach and saw the surf, or rather, the lack thereof, I didn’t feel so bad. It was breaking 1 – 2 foot right on shore. Gorgeous weather, but no one out. I heard that El Porto was pretty good, but super crowded. Anyhow, I knew there would be no Christmas surf for me this year in any event…

I am contemplating a Christmas skate though. The sensible, mature adult in me is saying don’t do it. Don’t risk it. If you hit one little pebble and get tossed, my shoulder is f’d in such a big way. But the impetuous teenager in me is saying just go for it. You won’t fall. Don’t be a wuss. Throw the iPod on and take that Christmas skate along the boardwalk. It will be awesome. Right now, the teenager is winning the argument in my head…

Had an email from Annika in England. She said it was cold but she’s having a blast. They haven’t yet made it down to Cornwall to surf, so don’t have any surfy blog news on that front yet.

With that, I wish all a Merry Christmas!


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