World Meet Reggie!

Annika got me a goldfish for Christmas.


See, she knows that I really want a dog but can’t have one due to my current living situation, so instead, she got me a goldfish!


But not just any goldfish…she got me a betta – a fighting goldfish from Thailand. We named him Reggie. I set him up in his new little bowl facing out of the window in my livingroom, and then this morning when I walked in the room, he was gazing out the window, but when he sensed me in the room, he spun around in his bowl to check me out. He’s super smart. I can tell. In case you didn’t know, Annika rocks!

Annika is leaving tomorrow to go on a surf trip. Yep, she’s going to….England to surf for two weeks. Actually, she’s going over to visit British Paul and they really are going to surf in Cornwall. Why not? All a girl needs is a 5/3mm wetsuit, gloves, booties, a hoodie, and she’s good to go. Surfing England in the middle of winter = priceless. I’m a little jealous and pouty that she is leaving me for two weeks, but she is in good hands over there with BP, so I have given my blessing and am just going to have to make due without here. She’s promised to send pictures so stay tuned. Blog posts from Cornwall on their way shortly.


3 Responses to World Meet Reggie!

  1. British Paul says:

    Hey Christina,

    You know i will look after her! And you know you will get a million pics from our Cornwall surf trip too! Glad you are on the mend. Say hi to Reggie for me..


  2. HI BP!

    Have fun surfing with Annika in Cornwall…hopefully it won’t be too cold. Miss you guys.

  3. snowboardwomen says:

    Sheesh… and i’m a wuss when it comes to the water here anytime after November… brrr Cornwall!

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