What is the point of a quiver: Part 2?

I know I must be feeling better about my recovery because I’ve started to contemplate buying myself a new board once I am fully recovered. I haven’t wanted a new board in over a year. Since the injury occurred, I was surfing so infrequently because of the pain that I didn’t have any desire or interest in switching up boards. I was only surfing about once a week (down from 4 -5 days a week), so when I did paddle out, I wanted to go with a board that was tried and true. I had one that caught waves in almost all conditions, was floaty enough for my weakass paddling, yet was maneuverable enough to get some turns in. I wasn’t interested in any of my other boards. I didn’t want to have to mess with figuring out the sweet spot, where to take off from, how the board held in a bottom turn, etc. Just let me catch a couple of waves. That’s it. So as I looked at all of the various surfboards littered about my apartment, I asked, what’s the point of a quiver?

I am now contemplating wanting a new board. It’s been two weeks since surgery and I am still a ways away (do those two aways go together?), from even being able to paddle out let alone being back to pre-injury strength and ability. Yet, I want a new board. It’s going to be like a post-surgery present to myself. I deserve it, dammit. So here is what I’m contemplating:

a.) a 6’3″ Guy Okazaki alien model with a quad fin set up and a swallow tail (his recommendation to me), or;

b.) a 6’4″ Firewire Alternator with the parabolic rails on the side.


I don’t know why, but I’m dying to try one of these firewire surfboards. I hear they are amazing, catch everything and are super snappy.

I’m not going to rush into anything just yet. Let’s see how I feel once I am back in the water. I have enough boards already to hold me over for the first several months once I am back in the water, but I have the itch to buy that new board. That’s a good sign…


One Response to What is the point of a quiver: Part 2?

  1. British Paul says:

    I am also after a new board! My trusty and loved 5’11 Quad Fish got smashed to bits at the weekend by some out-of-control longboarder! It was a sad sad day.. So now i am going to take Annika board shopping with me to find a new toy! Can’t wait..

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