Thoughts on snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Turning to thoughts on snow what with our first real snowfall of the season. Chances are I will be cleared to snowboard before I am cleared to surf, so let’s talk snow this morning. Alot of people approach snowboarding much like skating – it’s all about jibs and jumps and 540 Rodeos (I don’t even know what a “rodeo” is but I know it involves spinning around in the air). Me? I tend to snowboard as if I am “surfing” the mountain. I like to hug the side of the run and carve up and down the slope as if I were carving the face of a wave – little sliders and cutbacks, 180 turns to fakie side and back – it’s all about putting sexy back into snowboarding. My big air move is a little inside rail grab off of the little jumps.

I’ll sit at the main lodge and watch the “kids” launch themselves off of the massive jumps in the Thunderbound park up at Mammoth and think to myself I do not have any desire to do that. I am far happier finding little walls to cruise up and down, or trees to duck under as if I were getting a little cover up, than risking arms and legs off the jumps.

Old school….that’s the way I like it.


2 Responses to Thoughts on snow

  1. Erica says:

    I heard ya on this… I am the same way with riding! I’m happy to find some powder and cruise fast, taking in some big, far, wide, swooping turns.

    Have a good season – maybe we’ll see ya on the mountain! 🙂

  2. Word! Pow pow turns all day long. Can’t wait…

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