Game on!

Venice Pier was going off. Unfortunately, my pictures suck. Taking pictures with the left hand didn’t work out too well. I kept hitting the power button and turning my camera off instead of hitting the “snap” button….


The waves were in the solid 4 – 6 foot range with sets in the double-overhead range, but I didn’t really get any of the the bigger, better waves. Shape was good and all of the boys were out.


Guy O. on a smaller tweener wave…


Another small wave…


Sorry I missed getting the bigger waves, but boy it was exciting to watch. In the half-hour I was hanging out, there were two sets of four or five waves that came in that were double overhead and everyone out could surf well, so there were some fab shots to be had…just not by this blogger. Oh well. Word had it the guys were jumping off the pier to get to the line up instead of trying to paddle out. And there were no longboarders out.


One Response to Game on!

  1. 3G says:

    If you are landlocked, even blurry surf photos kick ass 🙂

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