Five days post surgery

So, five days after surgery and I’m down to only 10 percocet a day! Actually, the pain hasn’t been too bad. Totally manageable. Sleeping is still the most difficult. I’ve become quite adept at using my left hand, and what is so interesting is having to slow everything way down. I have to stop and think about every movement to see if I can manage it, and make adjustments accordingly. For instance, my routine for getting ready for work usually takes me about five minutes and this morning, it took about 30 minutes. But I actually enjoyed slowing it down and having to be very careful and methodical about everything. Picking out which clothes I could get into (front zip hoodie – yes, pull over sweater – no), putting on mascara with the left hand, squeezing in deodorant under the right armpit…still can’t get the bra on. Slip-on shoes only, no shoe laces.

Speaking of shoe laces, I saw pictures from my surgery. When he showed me a picture of one of my healthy tendons, it looked like the end of a shoe lace with the plastic sheath, all nice and smooth and clean. Then, when he showed me pictures of the trashed bicep tendon, it looked like the end of an old shoe lace with no sheath, all tattered and frayed. He said it was barely attached. No wonder I was having difficulty with my pop-ups and duck dives…

All in all, not too bad. Hope to lose the arm sling by Saturday. Start PT on Tuesday. Good times…


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