Objects may appear uglier than they really are…24 hours post surgery.


Three days after. . .the bandages come off. Must start to use arm tomorrow. Verdict? Bicep tendon was “trashed” and had to be reattached at the muscle head. Rotator cuff was in pretty good shape, cleaned up and should heal well. Typing with one hand sucks, so this is all I’m doing today.


3 Responses to Caution!!!

  1. British Paul says:

    good work! sounds like you are on the mend? i hope you are healing well?

  2. Surfsister says:

    You look to be in good spirits. I recognize that contraption on your shoulder. Ah, the infamous ice apparatus. Good times . . . not. You’ll be kicking yourself for waiting so long to get the surgery. The going will be slow at times, but you’ll be back in the water before you know it!

  3. Thx. Doing better each day. Start PT next week. Fun times…

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