Burton/Channel Island Store Grand Opening!

Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store. Went to the grand opening event for the new L.A. Burton/Channel Island store last night.


The place is huge – 16,000 square feet. More surf and snowboards than a girl could ever imagine in one place…


And surfboards….omg.burton8.jpg


The event was filled with alot of very cool and hip people who all looked vaguely familiar, probably pro surfers and snowboarders that I’ve seen in magz and such, but honestly, I didn’t recognize very many people. I did see Shaun (Flying Tomato) White and heard that Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Benji Weatherly, Lisa Anderson, Sophia Mulonovich, and dozens of other team riders were either there or expected to be there, but it got very crowded and it was difficult to tell. I did see the big guy himself, Jake Burton, and think I was most star-struck by him.

They even have this sick skate ramp on the roof of the building…


After milling around for about an hour, Annika and I decided to go outside and play in the snow (they brought in snow for the night!!!).



Hannah Teter…remember the one who blew the gold medal at the last Olympics by falling at the very end of her run while trying to be cool and pop an ollie off the last jump…


And L.A. INK girl…don’t know her name…


This was the first time Annika and I have ever ventured into town together, too! East of the 405 Freeway. Imagine. It was like visiting an entirely new city. For a sense of action sports store gone mega, check it out – Melrose just west of Crescent Heights.


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