Santa Cruz to San Fran and back…

Drove up to Santa Cruz for the long weekend to meet up with Annika to surf (or not, as the case may be). We rented a local van to tour the area…


Unfortunately, when we checked Pleasure Point, it was high tide and not breaking…


There was one guy sitting out at the point catching a rogue, warbly peak that would pop up every 20 minutes or so, but he was clearly a local who knew exactly where to sit and how to catch the wave. It was about paddling left into the right, and then swinging the bottom turn under the warbly peak…


So with Santa Cruz a bust, we put the call into the wacky cast of characters up at Ocean Beach. OB was going off, so we headed up highway 1 to meet up. By the time we got there, they had already had a go-out, so we had to fortify them with hard boil eggs and muffins for a second go-out…


It was breaking heavy, solid 8 – 10 foot, so my gametime call was a pass. I knew I’d never make it out. But the others paddled out. There was a solid wall of white water on the inside alone that was brutal looking…


But once you made it out, there were some amazing gems to pick off…


This is one that went unriden. This is so far out though, you can’t tell by the picture how big it really was. Maybe next year (after surgery), I’ll be able to revisit OB and handle the paddle out.


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