Surfing this past weekend…

Was so discouraging I am having a difficult time making myself write about it. It sucked and I sucked. That’s really all there was to it.

On another note, I received a call from the surgeon’s assistant late Friday saying he had to postpone my surgery till next week due do a “family emergency.” Family emergency? I don’t buy it. He probably checked his calendar for the upcoming week and saw that it was Thanksgiving and decided, shit, I want to take an extended golf weekend in Palms Springs. Cancel all scheduled surgeries.

And this really screws up MY plans for Thanksgiving. I had planned to sit on the couch drooling in a percocet haze with an ice machine strapped to my shoulder pumping frozen water. I’m not making this up either. At my pre-surgery appointment last week, they showed me this ice machine contraption that I bring home with me that is comprised of a large wrap that surrounds my shoulder with a tube that runs to a machine that you fill with ice and water. The machine pumps frozen ice-water to the wrap that surrounds the shoulder, and I am to do this for 30 minutes at a time every hour on the hour for the first 72 hours post surgery. Damn. And yes, when I sat across from the surgeon as he wrote out the prescription for my post surgery pain killers, he said percocet – not vicodin – percocet is much stronger and he likes the strong shit. I filled with a warm and fuzzy anticipation at the thought of it! Ah….

So I will not only be able to just sit on the couch dozing in and out while watching football and having frozen water pumped to my shoulder, I now will be expected to actually help with Thanksgiving dinner and participation in family conversation. Dammit!

Family emergency! Bullshit.


2 Responses to Surfing this past weekend…

  1. Surfsister says:

    Ah, the infamous ice machine. Soul Brother #1 had one. I spent the first week after his surgery running to 7-11 for ice. But that machine is pretty amazing. It really works.

    Don’t feel bad about the weekend. I don’t have a bum shoulder and I surfed like shit too.

  2. I talked to Guy O. who used the ice machine after his shoulder surgery and he swears by it. And he said the same thing about the hardest part being access to enough ice to keep it going…fun.

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