Trash everywhere?

Not sure what happened this past weekend but there was terrible trash at the Venice Pier? It was absolutely disgusting….plastic bags, diapers, candy wrappers, condoms, gross shit. It was worse than the day after a major rain. Guy O. theorized that it was run off from all of the water dumped to put out the fires. Hmmm. It seemed more like a big Cruise ship pulled up to the pier, opened its bilge and dumped its entire content. And the surf sucked too. I paddled out on Saturday because Annika has a friend visiting from England, British Paul, so we had to take him out for his inaugural California surf. Too bad it was so trashy. Welcome to Venice. Fortunately, they surfed up in Ventura yesterday and are heading south later this week, so he’ll get a taste of some good waves, just not here in Venice.


2 Responses to Trash everywhere?

  1. British Paul says:

    Hey Christina. Yeah my first California surf experience was a little “trashy” for sure, but it didn’t bother me too much.. Later in the week me and Annika got some good waves up at Ventura, then down at Huntington and Blacks. And then Mexico at the end of the week was just outrageous perfection! I am sure Annika told you all about it?

    Thanks for the loan of the board while I was out though! I think I only used it the once at Huntington? The rest of the time I was on Annika’s Poacher. Me and that board got on really well, and I was sad to give it back.. Anyway, hopefully I will be back out soon if Annika will have me, so maybe see you in Venice!? x

    PS – Hope the surgery goes well.

  2. Hi British Paul!!!! I saw the pictures from Blacks. You scored. Glad you had a good time in Cali. Keep reading, I’ll be posting about surgery soon enough.

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