Birthday Surf With Annika

Had a birthday surf with Annika on Sunday. She was on a new (shorter) board. It was really small but we were able to catch some waves and had a ton of fun. At first I was catching most of the waves as she was trying to get used to her new board. Then she started getting all of the waves and I didn’t mind because, after all, it was her birthday. But…after watching her catch five or six waves in a row, I got pouty, so decided to drop in on her when she started paddling for a wave I wanted. Even though she was on a shorter board, it was still bigger than mine, so she caught the wave first, but I popped up in front of her anyhow. We almost collided, but since the wave was only about 1 foot, it was not critical (I wouldn’t have done that on a real wave). It was actually hilarious. I took her out to breakfast to make it up to her 🙂

Saturday was a bit bigger, but not by much. Had several really fun waves, though. Had a decent right where a guy dropped in on me. I thought he saw me and was going to kick out, but he didn’t, so I ended up having to push him from behind off the wave…old school style like Miki Dora. I didn’t mean to be so aggressive about it, but he was right in front of me and I just instinctively gave him a big shove. The boys on the pier watching got a big laugh out of it. Thankfully, he didn’t get mad, and apologized to me for dropping in. Hey, it’s Venice.


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