Shoulder Surgery – Music to my Ears

Last year when I injured my rotator cuff surfing, I dreaded the idea of surgery. I just did not want to accept the simplest solution. Open it up and fix it. So I didn’t, despite the fact that I heard endlessly from other surfers who have had shoulder surgery and are now surfing pain-free. I have been surfing (and often NOT surfing) with pain for over a year. I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture (alot of acupuncture), chiropractic manipulation, herbs and supplements, deep tissue massage, and of course lots of pain pills and alcohol. Nothing worked. I said, nothing worked! I’m sick of it, and sick of hearing myself complain about the pain.

So surgery it is. I’m doing it. I’m going to let them cut me open and fix it, dammit, once and for all. And now that I’ve decided to go this route, and heard the shoulder doctor (another doctor – a highly renowned-sports-medicine-orthopedic-surgeon-to-the-stars doctor), tell me that surgery is the only way I will be able to surf again pain-free, I am actually very excited by the idea of it. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to be able to duckdive without pain and get my board deep enough under the bigger waves so as not get tossed, to be able to actually pop-up instead of crawl-up, to be able to surf for more than 30 minutes at a time, to be able to surf more than two consecutive days in a row. Wow. I am giddy with excitement at the thought of surgery.


One Response to Shoulder Surgery – Music to my Ears

  1. Surfsister says:

    Soul Brother #1 had rotator cuff surgery in May. Before the surgery, he couldn’t lift his arm. I kid you not! Now he can lift his arm over his head. It will be awhile before he’s back to almost normal in terms of strength, but had it not been for surgery, his left arm would be totally useless. Shoulder surgery (done by a great doctor) is a lifesaver.

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