Blog Stats

Thought I would share some of my blog stats. The average daily unique views for the site are between 15 – 20, at least I think they are unique. It could be the same person clicking back to the site over and over to use my blogroll to click to other sites. Come to think of it, at least a couple of those views are ME rereading my own posts because I like to go back and read what I wrote previously to see if I still like the post. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. For instance, my Blog Action Day post in hindsight was a little abrupt and angry sounding. There’s nothing like dropping the f-bomb when writing, and I love that I can write whatever the fuck I want on my own fucking site. Still, it probably would have been a better “call to action” if I had approached the environmental thing with a little more compassion. I was still angry from the previous day, however, when I walked out to surf and there was two feet of trash lining the shoreline. But I digress. Clearly with only 15 or so views each day, I am not ready to quit my day-job and try to make a living at this blogging thing.

My best day ever peaked at 64 views back in September. I didn’t post about any hot topic in that period, so I figure it must have been when someone with a much more popular blog site added me to their blogroll, and a bunch of new readers clicked on my link to check me out. Clearly they weren’t very impressed with what they read because that number was an anomaly, and I haven’t been even close to 64 views ever since. I suppose if I started to blog about all things Apple, like the new Leopard operating system about to launch, I would be much more popular. Or I hear that blogs about motherhood and parenting are very popular, but since I don’t have any kids, I don’t think I would be a very authentic voice to be writing about that.

And who is sending me the most love? I receive the most referrals from Surf and the Fury. Surfsister has been at this for awhile now. Kudos to her and thank you for adding me to your blogroll.

Paddled out for a quicky session this morning before work. Waves were small windswell, but it didn’t suck. In fact, I had several fun waves with shoulders to work. Yes, it is cold. No, I’m not yet wearing booties.


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