Dawn Patrol???

With the dawn patrol hour now clocking in at about 7:00 am, how in the world do you manage to get up early enough to get in a pre-work surf session these days (assuming that, as most, you have to be a work at 9:00 am)? Even with living one block from the beach, I am finding it nearly impossible to get up and motivate for that quicky one-hour session. Especially since the early morning air temps are now hovering in the low to mid 50’s. Dark, cold and drizzly. No thanks. That means I am pretty much only a weekend warrior cuz I guess I’m just a wuss. Which is ashame, though, because surf in Venice is generally pretty good this time of year. Venice likes the NW swells and morning high tides.

Dawn patrol in the summer is optimal with early morning daylight and warmer air temps. Problem is that Venice is generally terrible in the summer months. Venice does not like SW swells and lower tides. Sure, living only one block from the beach is great, but the surf that is accessible to me before work sucks. So once again, I am relegated to being a weekend warrior when I can drive to points north or south where the surf is better.

So I ask, is dawn patrol really ever worth it? Is living one block from the beach in Venice really worth it? Well, of course, the answer is yes, but still, wouldn’t it be great if I lived one block from say, Huntington or Grandview down in Leucadia? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to go to work at 9:00 am?

Surf was small but fun-looking this morning. Check out Yo Venice! for my report.


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