Sign Spinners…WTF?

So as I was sitting at a stop light over the weekend, I couldn’t help but notice two sign spinners on opposites sides of the street going to town with their sign-spinning maneuvers. Sign spinning has been a growing phenomenon for a couple of years now with (largely) young guys spinning their signs in ever increasing difficulty to grasp passer-byers’ attention. From what I observed, it seems to have morphed into some kind of fierce pop-and-lock, break-dance spin-off with these two guys trying to outdo each other with their gyrating spins, tosses and moves. And I’ll admit, they caught my attention. But while I sat watching them for the couple of minutes I was stuck at the light, I could not read what it was they were advertising on their signs, nor could I tell in which direction their arrows were supposed to be directing our attention? So I ask, what’s the point?


Anyhow, surf this weekend was very fun. You wouldn’t have known there is such a thing as “urban runoff” by the number of people out in the water (myself included) after it rained on Friday night, so I guess no one seems to care anymore about waiting 72 hours until after it rains before going back out in the water. It was a very consistent 2 -4 foot with bigger sets and decent shape. The bigger sets were walled up but the in-betweeners were super fun. The trash on the beach Sunday was disgusting though.

And on another note, LT is back! Hella…


One Response to Sign Spinners…WTF?

  1. My bumper sticker reads: “Sign Spinners do it with Coroplast”. It’s good weekend work. Earn some extra cash, listen to music, get a workout, and people watch.

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