I had a nomatterwhat surf session with Annika this morning at VBW. This is when you make plans several days in advance to meet up to surf and paddle out…yes, you guessed it…no matter what the conditions. We’ve had a couple of nomatterwhat sessions where we have been the only two surfers out and it has been totally unsurfable. But Annika is such a spaz that we still have fun in the water regardless. Today, however, was actually pretty fun. The surf was still small windswell waves without any real push to them, but we were catching waves and having fun. When we first paddled out, it was freezing cold. The walk across the sand on our feet was colder than the water temp. I was pretty cold for most of the session, but it did get warmer as the sun came up. By the time I got out of the water (about 8:15 am), it was actually kind of crowded. Not crowded like summer, but crowded for a midweek, cold morning session. Annika and I looked at each other at one point and she asked me how do you surf in winter? It just got so cold so quickly. Where is that transition period? But NW swell is on tap for the next couple of days so Venice could be good. Stay tuned…


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