Venice Pier – Wednesday, 10/4 @ 8:30 am

Venice Pier is looking promising! I don’t have pictures, but things are starting to look better. When I first walked up, I saw a couple of really nice-shaped waves:  peaky, off-shore winds and lining up with some good shoulders. I got so excited and thought, finally, the NW swell period is hitting and Venice will start to work again. Unfortunately, those couple of waves were the best of the rest. For the next ten minutes, I saw mostly closed-out unmakeable waves. Size was in the 2-4 foot range with a little bigger on one set I saw. There were about six guys out on the north side of the pier and another four or five on the south side of the pier. The peak in between the pier and the jetty looked really good, but nobody was surfing it. That’s one of my favorite peaks in the winter…but don’t tell anyone. There were three guys out by the jetty. It wasn’t good yet, but like I said, it is showing promise. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would have definitely paddled out.


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