Cabo delivers

Yes, just back from Cabo and scored some great surf. There was a hurricane/tropical storm swirling off shore the entire time threatening to make landfall in the area, but it stayed off shore and never really hit, but did send in some nice swell. The waves were averaging about 4 – 6 foot with sets every half hour or so in the 6 – 8 foot range. Even though the pictures don’t do it justice, there was alot of water movement and alot of duckdiving. Worked my ass off and needless to say, worked my shoulder, but totally worth it. My wave count was pretty low but the waves I did score were super fun. I had several drops that were about 1 foot overhead which is perfect for me. So even though it took me forever to get into position and catch a wave, once I was up and riding, I held my own.

Zippers mid afternoon…

Air temp was not as hot as usual because of the consistent cloud cover which was actually perfect – high 80’s. Water temp was probably around 80 degrees.

Shot of the condo complex. Nice. I love me some Cabo…


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