What really is the point of a quiver?

You know what I want to rant about right now, besides the fact that I tried to surf today before work and, once again, it sucked? My quiver. See I have alot of surf boards. Not as many as some, but far more than most. And for years I prided myself in having a quiver, just the right board for every occasion. Truth be told though, I find myself wanting to surf the same board more or less all of the time – a 6’4″ with a low-entry rocker that is relatively thick and floaty. I have three longboards that I almost never ride (one of which a friend has on longterm loan), one 7′ retro single fin that I used to love but which hasn’t seen the water in well over a year, another four or five shortboards in varying lengths and thickness, and a 6′ retro twinfin fish. My problem is that I see the boards scattered about my apartment and none of them are getting any lovin’ these days. I feel sorry for them. All of them. I can’t seem to bring myself to surf any of them. I just keep ol’ faithful in my car and she’s the one. I used to mix it up quite a bit, but not lately. So I have to ask, what really is the point of a quiver?

I suppose I’ll get back into the groove again and start mixing it up, but for now, all I need is one board.


One Response to What really is the point of a quiver?

  1. Ben Braymer says:

    One board, one world, that is the ticket. I know what you mean, I live on the Great Lakes and find that it is difficult to have a one board quiver here just like anywhere else. Like you, I find myself surfing a Walden mini magic most of the time. I think Thoreau’s words fit best in this case…

    Simplify, Simplify, Simplify….

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