Cabo delivers

September 25, 2007

Yes, just back from Cabo and scored some great surf. There was a hurricane/tropical storm swirling off shore the entire time threatening to make landfall in the area, but it stayed off shore and never really hit, but did send in some nice swell. The waves were averaging about 4 – 6 foot with sets every half hour or so in the 6 – 8 foot range. Even though the pictures don’t do it justice, there was alot of water movement and alot of duckdiving. Worked my ass off and needless to say, worked my shoulder, but totally worth it. My wave count was pretty low but the waves I did score were super fun. I had several drops that were about 1 foot overhead which is perfect for me. So even though it took me forever to get into position and catch a wave, once I was up and riding, I held my own.

Zippers mid afternoon…

Air temp was not as hot as usual because of the consistent cloud cover which was actually perfect – high 80’s. Water temp was probably around 80 degrees.

Shot of the condo complex. Nice. I love me some Cabo…


Venice Pier – Wednesday @ 8:30 am

September 19, 2007

I will have to pull myself away from epic Venice to head down to Cabo tomorrow for a five-day getaway…


Sure will be difficult to leave this for warm water, lined up East Cape point breaks, and cold margaritas…

Venice Pier Surf Report 9/17/07

September 17, 2007

I have two words for the Venice Pier surf report this morning – low tide & poundy – ok, that’s three words technically, but you get the picture.  Surf sucks.

What really is the point of a quiver?

September 13, 2007

You know what I want to rant about right now, besides the fact that I tried to surf today before work and, once again, it sucked? My quiver. See I have alot of surf boards. Not as many as some, but far more than most. And for years I prided myself in having a quiver, just the right board for every occasion. Truth be told though, I find myself wanting to surf the same board more or less all of the time – a 6’4″ with a low-entry rocker that is relatively thick and floaty. I have three longboards that I almost never ride (one of which a friend has on longterm loan), one 7′ retro single fin that I used to love but which hasn’t seen the water in well over a year, another four or five shortboards in varying lengths and thickness, and a 6′ retro twinfin fish. My problem is that I see the boards scattered about my apartment and none of them are getting any lovin’ these days. I feel sorry for them. All of them. I can’t seem to bring myself to surf any of them. I just keep ol’ faithful in my car and she’s the one. I used to mix it up quite a bit, but not lately. So I have to ask, what really is the point of a quiver?

I suppose I’ll get back into the groove again and start mixing it up, but for now, all I need is one board.

El Porto – Sunday, Sept. 9th

September 10, 2007

Surfed Porto yesterday and despite being small with light onshore winds, it was actually quite fun. The crowd factor was low, and at least for the first hour there were consistent (but small) wind swell waves with not terrible shape to play around on. I actually got a few turns in. The conditions deteriorated during the second hour with fewer waves as the wind swell died off, and alot of double-ups from the few set waves that showed up. But the water was clear and the weather was beautiful – definitely a big change from last weekend – fall is in the air and suddenly if feels crisp and fresh. It’s as if right after Labor Day on cue we turned the corner and summer is officially over, which is fine by me because fall surfing is my favorite time of year.

Trying to get a few more solid sessions in before I leave for Cabo, so I’m going to paddle out a couple of time this week before work at OP just to get some paddle time in. That and maybe I’ll run into the L.A. triathelete club again…

Hot Hot L.A.

September 5, 2007

Overstating the obvious by saying this past weekend was too friggin hot in L.A. However, if you happen to have had the opportunity to spend it at the beach, it was actually GREAT. The water was warm and because it was so hot, we just spent pretty much the entire weekend surfing, swimming and playing with puppies in the water. Here are some pictures…