On a scale of 1 – 10? a -2

So after hours of insomnia (woke up about 3 am) I decided to head down to OP and paddle out about about 6:30 am. Didn’t know that the L.A. Triathlon Club meets down there for ocean swims on Wednesdays at 6:30 am? The parking lot was entirely full with very fit men and women clad in skin tight shiny triathelete wetsuits. Wow. Kind of nice eye candy… But, no surfers in sight. Hmmm. I decided to just paddle out to work on the old rotator cuff, and there was good reason there were no surfers in sight. It sucked! It wasn’t even surfable. 2 footers dumping onshore in 3 inches of water. God, I can’t wait to get down to Cabo for a real wave with a real shoulder to make some real turns on. Matt over at Venice Surf Reporter called it a 2. I called it lame sauce!


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