Back surfing – kind of…

So I finally paddled out this past week for the first time in three months. Ok, not three months; two months and three weeks…eleven weeks to be exact. My rotator cuff tendinitis doesn’t feel 100% better, but enough time has gone by where if feels ok and I wanted to try to paddle again. I tried to be very pragmatic about it and only paddled out for 30 minutes, making sure I got out of the water before I experienced any real pain or fatigue. And for the record, surfing is not like riding a bike. It did not come back to me after a couple of waves. The first two waves I paddled for I barely got to my feet and then immediately fell. The next two waves I caught I kind of stood up, but my feet were in the wrong place and the wave closed out before I could make any kind of adjustment. Then on the last wave, I actually sort of made a bottom turn and hit the lip before falling off. There. Like I said, only kind of surfing.

The good news is that my shoulder felt ok – weak and awkward, but not painful. The bad news is that the water was friggin cold. What’s up with that? It’s been warm for two months and everyone has been trunking it or wearing just a rash guard or spring suit, and when I finally paddle out, the water temp has dropped overnight and it’s cold. Typical. Annika said she saw me catch several waves. That’s debatable. Greg asked me at one point how it felt, and I said I didn’t know what hurt worse; my shoulder or my ego. Not fun falling on your face when you know what kind of surfer you are under normal conditions.

Think I’m going to paddle out again before work one day this week to give it another shot. 30 minutes at a time until I feel stronger.


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