Erin surfing the pier (again)

Tried to get some more footage of Erin surfing the Venice Pier this past weekend, but the conditions were, again, pretty crappy. I managed to edit a little footage together, but almost everything was up and over, close-outs with nowhere to go. Plus, even though the surf was shitty, it was still crowded, so you had too many surfers paddling for the one surfable wave that would roll in every fifteen minutes or so. Someday, I’ll get Erin surfing in some good conditions….maybe Mexico?


3 Responses to Erin surfing the pier (again)

  1. I’m looking for input… what do you think of John from Cincinnati?

  2. Kirk says:

    What was the song on the 1st Erin surfing clip? My kid wants to know as she liked it and wants me to get it for her! Nice blog too.

  3. Peter Bjorn…Young Folks. cheers

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