Hobo Junction

Couldn’t resist getting in on the hobo action at the Venice Pier. Having followed Uncle Grants surf reports and hobo interaction for some time now, I decided to embark upon a little hobo interaction of my own. I was having dinner down at the pier last night and since I didn’t finish my dinner, I took the leftovers to go. As I was walking back to my car, I decided I would never eat my leftovers and instead, took them over to the boys to see if they were hungry. Josh immediately jumped on it because he needed something to feed his pet rat, Indica. Randy was so appreciative, he immediately started making me a little rose from one of his palm fronds, and eagerly showed me how he had made a pair of suspenders from his palm fronds to hold up his pants. Christian was, well as always, too f’d up to really talk, but he tried. All in all, though, the boys were very sweet and very gracious of my leftover offerings.


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