The 4th of July

I volunteered to be the dog babysitter of my friend, Erin’s, dog while she paddled out at the Huntington Beach dog beach.


We met up super early to drive down there knowing the crowds would be pretty insane, and still spent almost an hour looking for a parking. It was also my intention to do some video taping, but the surf was really big (5 – 7 foot with bigger sets) and the current super strong, so as soon as Erin started paddling out, she immediately drifted out of frame and the current pulled her way down the beach.

I had a blast playing with Erin’s dog, Molly, and shot some footage of her frolicking in the water and racing around with the other dogs. About an hour later, Erin came trudging up the beach. She said she got kind of worked, and both the paddle out and the current was a hassle. Not the best session. But I did get some good footage of Molly which I’ll post as soon as I get the chance.

I spent the afternoon in a drunken haze in Venice at another friend’s house right on the beach near the pier. The problem was that we started drinking so early (around 2pm) that by 7pm we were all very drunk but still trying to keep in together to see the fireworks at 9pm. The beach was a madhouse, but fortunately my friend had a nice little gated patio to escape to when we got sick of the riff-raff on the beach. The weather wasn’t that great either – muggy and overcast which probably kept some people away, but still the crowds were insane. We made our way down to the pier to watch the fireworks around 9pm, and I spent about ten minutes on the pier with the masses (I don’t do well with masses), and then had a panic attack and had to get off the pier and away from the crowd. In my mind I love fireworks and the 4th of July, but in reality, I really don’t like the hassle of the crowds. I might have to rethink 4th of July next year?

Saving grace was that I only had to bike home about a 1/4 of a mile – no parking or driving nightmares to get home.


5 Responses to The 4th of July

  1. Kaki Flynn says:


    I went to the dog beach in Long Beach for the Fourth of July, but it sounds like the Huntington Beach dog beach is the way to go. Dogs and surfer girls? Sounds like heaven.


  2. Panic Portal says:

    Panic Away

    This brought me back from the Brink!

  3. Panic Portal says:

    Panic Away Program

    This helped me out of those DARK PLACES.

  4. Puppy Love is great. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Panic Away Program

    This helped me out of those DARK PLACES.

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