Skimboarding in Laguna

Since I can’t surf, I decided to make yesterday a non-surfer beach day of it with a few friends, and headed down to Laguna Beach. I think I’ve discovered a new sport to try!!! Skimboarding… I didn’t actually get to try it (again, because I’m trying sooo hard not to f’ up my shoulder), but boy did I want to jump on one of those things and rip a floater in the shore pound. (This is my vivid imagination at work, mind you). I’ve seen kids skimboarding on the beaches here in LA, but it’s not that impressive because our beaches generally don’t have the same kinds of conditions as the beaches in Laguna – which are ideal of skimboarding. You can’t surf the waves and you can’t even really body board them because they break right on shore. But skimboarding…The sand is clean with no pebbles; there is a nice slope down to the waterline; and there are beautiful little barrels of shore pound to launch yourself into.


(Chris Rudolph from Laguna!)

I sat there for over an hour and watched these guys just rip into shore pound. It looked so fun. I am exactly like a teenage boy and would have grabbed one of their boards to try it if I could. There is (just like paddle-battling in surfing) a certain amount of bravado involved too, as three or four guys will stand on the shoreline waiting for the right wave to roll in. Once the “right” wave shows on the horizon, they all get their skimboards up and ready to throw, and as the wave approaches the shoreline, they all start running toward it, and the first one who throws it down and jumps on gets the wave. The key, from what I gathered by watching for about an hour, is in the timing of when to run and throw down the skim board: you want to land on it and surf into the open-faced wave before it actually reaches the shore. If you are too late, you end up “skimming” into a closed out face of a barrel.

The guys I was watching seemed pretty good, but they still got thrown down face first into the sand alot.

But it is a sideways sport, after all, so I may just have to give it a go one of these days.


2 Responses to Skimboarding in Laguna

  1. John says:

    Although Skimboarding is still rather an underground sport, it is rapidly growing particularly in other parts of the world. I started skimboarding 5 years ago in Washington State and at first the creek I skimboarded in rarely had more than 3-4 other people skimming in it, but now when the weather is nice there are up to 60 people hanging out and skimming in that creek bed. You for sure should try it if you get the chance its a blast to skim but at the same time its generally a real chill environment.

    • ahh wright john… u r very lucky person … atleast u hav started …. he he …. i am 20 yrs old from india ….. shivam sharma . there is no place for skimming . i am sad šŸ˜¦

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