Venice Pier when the surf is bad

July 31, 2007



The girls and their shenanigans when the surf sucks. I keep promising Annika that I’m going to get some footage of HER at the pier cuz she’s kinda jealous that I’ve only been shooting Erin. But I did shoot some footage of the OP gang on Sunday which I’ll edit and post later this week.


VBW when the surf is bad

July 30, 2007


When the surf is bad, the VBW gang congregates at the wall. Scotty, Brock and the crew waiting and watching, hoping something will roll through. Chowder (the dog) waits for his frisbee, and Annika looks like she’s pleasuring herself in other ways besides surfing. What? I’m just saying….

Erin surfing the pier (again)

July 25, 2007

Tried to get some more footage of Erin surfing the Venice Pier this past weekend, but the conditions were, again, pretty crappy. I managed to edit a little footage together, but almost everything was up and over, close-outs with nowhere to go. Plus, even though the surf was shitty, it was still crowded, so you had too many surfers paddling for the one surfable wave that would roll in every fifteen minutes or so. Someday, I’ll get Erin surfing in some good conditions….maybe Mexico?

Hobo Junction

July 23, 2007

Couldn’t resist getting in on the hobo action at the Venice Pier. Having followed Uncle Grants surf reports and hobo interaction for some time now, I decided to embark upon a little hobo interaction of my own. I was having dinner down at the pier last night and since I didn’t finish my dinner, I took the leftovers to go. As I was walking back to my car, I decided I would never eat my leftovers and instead, took them over to the boys to see if they were hungry. Josh immediately jumped on it because he needed something to feed his pet rat, Indica. Randy was so appreciative, he immediately started making me a little rose from one of his palm fronds, and eagerly showed me how he had made a pair of suspenders from his palm fronds to hold up his pants. Christian was, well as always, too f’d up to really talk, but he tried. All in all, though, the boys were very sweet and very gracious of my leftover offerings.

Have to get wet…

July 19, 2007

So I’ve now been out of the water for seven weeks in an effort to heal my torn rotator cuff injury from last summer. However, I cannot stand being out of the water, especially since everyone keeps saying how warm it is (the last time I surfed, I was still wearing a full suit), so I’ve convinced myself that I can safely get away with body boarding this weekend. I know, I know. It’s not a sideways sport, so it defies my self-identity, but I need to get in the water. I’ve rationalized that as long as I only kick and do not under any circumstance use my arms to paddle, well then I should be fine. The reality is, of course, I will probably have to do some paddling, and just holding onto the body board to steer it into the face of the wave will add some strain to my shoulder. As a good friend likes to say, “denial is not just a river in Egypt.”

I’m going to try to limit staying in the water for a short period of time, and I may be doing myself (yet again) a big disservice in my efforts to heal my injury, but for some insane reason, I keep putting “my hand in the fire” thinking maybe this time I won’t get burned. When will I learn?  We’ll see.

Everyone is in on it.

July 13, 2007

In case you haven’t noticed by the INSANE number of people learning to surf every summer, Your Daily Donkey has posted a picture – “hot hollywood couple – Benifer” is now in on the action. Oh dear God, please let the madness end!

Another Green Event

July 13, 2007

Since Green is the new black, I thought I’d post a link to an upcoming show at The Venice Contemporary hosted by Dogtown Skateboards (yeah, one of those guys from the Jeff Ho skate team in the 1970’s). The event is a fund raiser for both the Surfrider Foundation and the Ballona Wetlands, so definitely a worthy cause. Looks like there will be alot going on in the way of music, food and art. And if you’re a fan of Dogtown and Z-Boys, there will surly be a couple of those guys milling about. Question is will you recognize them?