Annika in Costa Rica

I just got an email from my friend, Annika, who is currently in Costa Rica for ten days. I told her about my new video posting hobby and she wants me to fly down to C.R. this weekend to video tape her and post it to YouTube. Yeah. I’ll do that. Can’t surf but why wouldn’t I want to spend all that time and money on a trip down there just to shoot video of her? Sounds great. I’ve become really cranky these past few days about not being able to surf. For the first three weeks, I felt ok about it, but this week has been hard – not so much because the surf has been great, but mostly because the weather has been great and it just looks fun out in the water. I watched my buddy, Marc, surf this morning and he was having a ball on fun, sloppy 1 – 3 footers. He’s busted out his longboard and was catching wave after wave running over all of the summer newbies on their foam boards. That is another topic unto itself – the summer surf lesson madness. As a former surf instructor, I know it’s a way for “experienced” surfers to make some money, but it is just out of control the amount of new surfers flocking to the shores every summer. Fortunately, most of these people don’t stick with it and the line-up thins out again when the water gets cold and the waves get bigger.

As for me, I know I have to stay out of the water because I do feel the difference in my shoulder and know it’s the only way it’s going to get better. So I’ll be back at the beach soon to shoot some more video and post it to YouTube because that’s all I can do right now. And I’ll just keep my eye on the ball – surf trip with Annika in September…


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