Skating and video taping

I finally had to resign myself to the fact that as long as I continue to surf, my shoulder will never heal. So I’ve pulled myself out of the water for about eight weeks to see if I can get the spasms to calm down and then strengthen it back to where it once was. I’m supposed to go to Samoa on a surf trip in September, but I told Annika (with whom I’m traveling) that I’m not gonna throw down over $3000 bones for this trip if my shoulder is still f’d up. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m skating a bunch on the boardwalk and one of the local homeless dudes that hangs out near my apartment recently called out, “still drop-dead gorgeous, just don’t drop dead.” That made my day.

And I just figured out how to download footage to my laptop, edit the footaga in iMovie, and then upload it to youtube, so I’m heading to the pier tomorrow to shoot some footage and post it to youtube. Kinda cool. THEN, I can copy the html code to this blog and show the video on my blog. So 2005 but I’m catching up!


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