Erin Surfing Venice Pier

Here is some footage from this morning of Erin surfing small, closed out, Venice pier. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for her to surf.

Erin is the star of a new “reality” tv show called Curl Girls. Now I will say that I think it’s great there is a show about lesbian surfers, however, from what I’ve seen, the show has very little to do with surfing and much more to do with the “drama” between these women out of the water. I don’t know why, but the powers that be (producers/network execs) believe it makes for much better tv to show the women involved in fabricated conflict rather than what it’s like to be a surfer in L.A. I can think of about a dozen more interesting story lines to follow, but then again, I’m not a network exec. I guess there is no reason to ever, ever stray from the tried and true formula of the Real World?

The reviews and critics have labeled Erin aggressive, competitive and very “serious about her surfing”. Hello? She’s a surfer. The majority of real surfers take their surfing quite serious. From what I can tell, three of the six girls on the show can’t surf. I’m sorry, but standing up and falling down in white water just does not constitute surfing. Then again, this show has very little to do with reality and everything to do with reality tv.

Like I said, though, still good to see the gays on tv. We’ll take it.


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