A surfer girl who loves football

I watched the game even though we were out celebrating my brother’s birthday and we were in the middle of a popular restaurant in Malibu with the gorgeous California coast just outside the large oceanfront windows. Thank you to the large flat screen tv’s in the bar where I could dash to every few minutes for updates and glimpses of the exciting fourth quarter finish. And I’m glad Peyton Manning’s Colts beat Tom Brady’s (mister chin man) New England Patriots even though my sister-in-law is from Boston and my brother lived there for ten years. I’m glad football’s awesome thinking-man qb finally made it to the superbowl and I’m glad my family has bred sports fans so that my dashing away from the table every five minutes was not not only considered rude (wow, now that was an awkward double negative but I think I’m going to leave it just the same), but was, in fact, encouraged and shared with excitement and ferver – that is until the final seconds of the game when I had to race back gleefully to exclaim that the Colts and intercepted a Brady pass. Game over. Sorry, bro. New England just lost. Oh, and happy birthday to you….

p.s. Surf has sucked lately…


One Response to A surfer girl who loves football

  1. Snexlex says:

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